Friday, April 22, 2011


Ever wanted to watch a video online with your buddies, while being able to chat and discuss it on the side? Well here are two fairly easy ways to do so:

1) If the video is on Youtube

If the video is on Youtube, its easy as cake. Just enter “social” into the URL, just after “Youtube”.
For example, if my URL was then it would be

Go to this new URL, and then scroll down to the bottom. Click “copy URL”. You now have the party URL on your clipboard! Send it to your friends and they can join you in the room. Press play when you are all ready!

2) If the video is on your computer

Upload it to Youtube and do step #1! Just kidding (although that would work just fine).

The advantages of using this method over the Youtube method are:
a)      You have a permanent room
b)      You have admin abilities (you can kick annoying people out of chat add things to the video, etc.)
c)       It’s fun. You run the show yourself! You choose when and what to broadcast, and people can tune in, whether they be your friends or just interested people.

So here is what you have to do:

First, create an account on (MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE A “BROADCASTER” ACCOUNT!!!”

Next, download and install their program, “Procaster”
This is a great little program that will allow you to play your videos.

Once you’ve got it running, go to “preferences” and then to the “desktop” tab. Change your preferences as you like them. Click save.

Open up your video on your screen (preferably full screen), and press “Go Live”. You are now broadcasting your video to your Livestream page! You can check out the chat on your screen (but your viewers will only see the video, nothing else on your screen) Press “Stop” when you want to stop broadcasting.

Did it work? Leave me a comment!


  1. This was very helpful information John, thank you for the tip!

    - Tom from Florida

  2. I never knew this existed. You're pretty good with finding all this awesome info.